Tonnys heerlijke motor 

Even mijn Susuki GS 450 L uit 1983 voorstellen - een heerlijke motor.

I'm from the Netherlands, speak English a little bit and will tell you a few thinks about my bike. 
Last year I examined the newspapers to look for a bike. I was so
happy, because my husband and I like to ride bikes. He bought the Suzuki GS 450 L in 2000, but decided to get a bigger one. 
As I learned my lessons on a Suzuki in the driving school, I took this bike for myself and he bought a Honda Shadow.
Now we ride together. Last summer we have made a tour in Zeeland with my brother and made a pit stop in Veere . 

There we met Jan-Pieter from Belgium. He saw my motorbike and was so enthusiast that he mentioned the GS-Classic internet site.
As I'm so happy with this bike so I want everybody to know that. The Suzuki came from Canada and was ridden 58.000+ km. It is original, except for the different gas tank.
I know that I must learn a lot more, but the bike rides excellent - actually it listens to what I want to do.
We only ride in good weather, hate rain and cold weather because dirt is not the best for all the chrome!

Groetjes Tonny