Ray saves Dad's bike

Hi my name is Ray,
I live in the United States and have completely restored my Dad's  '79 GS 425 E which has been sitting in the garage for 12 years.  There are only 3 items which are not back to the orignal state: 
(1) Exhaust pipes - had to get a 2 into 1 (Suzuki discontinued them). However, just got some of the parts I need - so I can turn the exhaust system back to the original state at some future period. 
(2) Painted the engine black. 
(3) Mag wheels I had painted gold. Other then that everything is original down to the decals.
The pictures were taken after we finished working on the bike.  Here in the United States they sold the GS425N, GS425E, and GS425L and I have some information on the bikes. Does anybody know where I can find out how many GS 425 were produced?
Contact: Ray

Remark from the Webmaster: Ray did a perfect restauration job - the bike is immaculate! He was also very helpful in providing information for this website. Thank you, Ray.