Pasis projects for polar nights 

Hi from Finland and this is the short story of my SUZUKI projects:
Here she is, my shining GS 1000 LN (1979). She is my first bike and originally came from Germany.
When I bought her the condition was okay and I first expected a bit of cleaning and repair will be sufficient. But little by little I started to restore the entire bike.
Consequently I had to put in a lot of work. She was painted in black which I think is the original color for the US models.  
Am I satisfied now? Well my "L" is almost 95 % original but I will not stop until I find the right fuel tank emblem!
My next project was a GS 650 GTX (1981) which I started in the summer of 2005. The GT is the regular street-tourer version of the Katana. A lot of work was ahead of me at that time, but I thought that she would be an inexpensive and good project for the coming dark and cold winters. 
Well, in 2006 she finally was done and ready to hit the road. Isn't she a real beauty?

Best regards and happy riding!
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