Paolos italo-japanese love affair 

Ciao everybody!
When I was very young (about 14 years old) me and my brother used an old Lambretta 48 from my cusin who was fond of old bikes. Actually the bike love should be written in the DNA of my family! But in reality I did only few kilometers.
After highscool-university-work-employment, in other words after 30 years, the bike love rised up again like a sudden fever and in 2002 
I bought from my colleague the GS 450 S
It was soon love both for biking in general and for my Suzuki in particular. In one year I drove  the bike also during winter and collected about 14.000 km.

I live in Asti a little town of Piedmont (North-West Italy) in a region full of hills (Langhe and Monferrato), grapes and castles. And it is really wonderful to bend the bike in the curves between the green hills. The left photo shows my bike in front of the "Costigliole di Asti".
I am a nuclear engineer doctor and work for a space company and in the frame of my work I spend a lot of time to work with a german company in Bremen .... wonderful town and wonderful beer.
Everybody who wants to visit South Piedmont is welcome! 

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