Marcus and his big chopper

Hallo Germany!
My name is Marcus and I'm from Belgium. In 2007 I bought a SUZUKI GS 1100 GL from 1983. It looked very bad at the moment but I started to clean her up. The guy I bought her from had a very strange idea of a chopper: he thought that a chopper does not need mirrors or turn signals. So he removed them. 
I had to buy new cables for the clutch, the accelerator and other stuff to renew her. The original sizzybar was missing and the previuos owner made one from a twisted steelbar (like used in concrete ) and overtaped it so it would look like the real stuff!
A friend from the Dutch GS-Club was first helping me repair it so it would run again.
After I bought the bike, took it home and started to check it all the horror came out: no working light not even the switches on the handlebar where in working order, all the bolts in the engineblock where removed and put back in the wrong place so i had bolts sticking out for 2cm and others where missing. The wiring was a mess nothing was connected like it should be or just cut off . 
Of course  the two tone paint from sidecovers and fueltank was painted over with a kind of anthracite-black. So restoring her will be very difficult because there are not many GS 1100 GL and only few bodyparts are available from SUZUKI. The sidecovers emblems are missing and they are not for sale anymore. So I know what to do with my time in the next months. I will keep you informed about the progress.

Greetings from Belgium Marcus