Craig races for fun 

Hi all!
This is the final version (for now) of my race bike. It is a GS 1000 with a strengthened frame, steering damper, GSX swingarm, Wiseco 1100 kit, Alternator removed, Dyna 2000 ignition, wider alloy rims, flowed head and 33mm smoothbore carbs. Estimated output, compared to other race bikes is around 110bhp, but I will dyno it later this year and let you know. It pulls from very low and is smooth all the way through the rev range. No major problems yet, apart from crankcase pressure pushing the crank end seal out and trashing the Dyna pick-ups on the ignition side of the motor. This was fixed by building a new breather flange at the top of the motor and using a 20mm breather hose. 
No more problems ... apparently this is a common problem on higher horsepower GS motors. 
New mods when I can afford it will be to fit new Keihen 35mm smoothies (lighter and flow more) and some slightly hotter cams. I also need to modify the alternator cover which is regularly grinding out, and fit some rear-set footpegs, as the pegs are now half their normal length due to grinding up the track.. At the moment the brakes are standard calipers, but some Brembo twin pots are lined up to go on the front. 
The race class is called Post Classic over here in New Zealand, and all items fitted to the bike (except a few small exceptions) have to be pre-82 or replicas of pre-82 components. This means no upside down forks, flat-slide carbs, 4 pot brakes or other nice modern kit. It keeps the build price of the bike reasonable though, and this one is competitive (not the rider though..) for around US$5000.00. We get all kinds of bikes including Katanas, Kawasaki Z1s, TZ Yamahas, CBXs, Hot RD 350 Yamahas, Honda CB400-4s, Honda 750 single cams, Honda 900 bol d'ors, Honda CB1100Rs and so on....It's a great scene, with very friendly people and I love it!
If anyone is interested in more info, let me know.

Contact: Craig