After 15 years, the SUZUKI brand club was closed in 2019. For the future, SUZUKI is planning something new based on an app. We are excited!

The global SUZUKI Web Ring has also disappeared into digital nirvana. More private initiative is needed again. Who dares?


Welcome to Michaels GS-Classic!

The web site for fans of early Suzuki GS motorcycles. Featuring everything on GS-history, models and technique. It was created in German language and is intended as an aid for restoration and maintenance as well as to provide a contact platform for Suzuki GS fans. 
If you would like to view the contents in a different language, 
- Go to Babel Fish.
- Enter URL:
Choose the desired translation mode.
The result is not perfect but believe me, it's funny! 

Enjoy your stay!   Michael

Suzis and their riders


Have you ever wondered, why some folks dont leave their old SUZUKIs?

Here you can meet and greet owners and lovers of durable Japanese iron. Read why they stick to their favorite brand.
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The life with old motorcycles is not always pleasant, as they also ask for some tender loving care.

In my technical section you will find numerous tips and tricks, how to keep them alive and humming. It's easy when you know how.
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