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Welcome to Michaels GS-Classic!

The web site for fans of early Suzuki GS motorcycles. Featuring everything on GS-history, models and technique. It was created in German language and is intended as an aid for restoration and maintenance as well as to provide a contact platform for Suzuki GS fans. 
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Enjoy your stay!   Michael

Suzis and their riders


Chris: In 1980 I got a SUZUKI of my father and later traded her in for a Ford Fiesta.

Here you see the resurrection of a  youthful dream of mine - my GS 550 EN "Red Suzi".
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07.2014: Change of steering head bearings is often described in the internet.

These instructions often keep quiet about the many nasty problems that may occur.
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Rico & GS 650 G
Jens & GS 500 E
Bernd & GS 550 L
Karl & GS 1100 G
Harry & his collection
Martin & GS 400 EN
06.13 Chain lubrification
08.12 SUZUKI special materials
02.12 SUZUKI color codes
07.11 Fuel grades
02.11 Electronic ignition
12.10 Brake disk change


Hier gibt es das Poster!

Alexandre from Katana France has created a Poster which shows all Katanas that derived from the famous Target ED2:
GSX 750, 1000,1100 S Here you can buy it..